Private Piano Lessons in Los Angeles

Hello my name is Arthur Mikaelian, I am proud to say that is has been over 30 years now that I’ve been providing private piano lessons in Los Angeles.

I take pride in teaching students using Russian methods and cultivating the talent of each and every student.

Students are taught to the highest of standards and with time, I’ve taught many students pieces such as the “Revolutionary Etude” and “La Campanella”.

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Anyone Can Learn the Piano

It's never too late to start!


Kids that start early have an advantage due to their learning ability. Piano helps with learning capabilities and helps develop the maturing brain. It is recommended that the kids are at least 5 years old before starting piano class due to attention span.



It is very common that teenagers start piano classes. At this time, they realize their love for music and are inspired by one thing or another. Cultivate the desire and push that passion to something productive that would last a life time.



Some assume that after a certain age it’s impossible to learn the piano. That is simply untrue. I have taught people with a vast difference in age and have proven time and time again it’s never to late to start doing something you love.

Let's play Beethoven!

Beethoven is from the classical era, but perhaps a romantic Rachmaninoff or a Baroque style Bach is more to your liking?

What Will You Learn & Experience?

Piano Theory & More

Piano Theory

Piano theory is about learning how to write, read, modulate, and understand music. Part of piano theory is learning the history of the composers, and the different time periods in which music is classified in.

Sight Reading

Learning how to read music and play it upon sight is integral to mastering the piano. You or your child will learn how to read music and play it as soon as you see it. This requires practice and patience, but it will be very rewarding once the skill is learned.

Ear Training

Ear Training on piano consists of simple things from being able to tell a major from a minor chord, a seventh chord, a modulation, a harmony and more. Developing a good ear also helps with learning by improving auditory learning performance.

Beautiful Piano Pieces

There has to be a piece that you are absolutely in love with. Within time, we are sure to learn the piece together, along with many other pieces. An important aspect of learning piano and being well rounded requires us to learn pieces from different time periods such as Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary eras.

Rewarding Competitions

Throughout the year we embark on numerous piano recitals and the biggest one of them all is the Winter Fest. Students from all around Los Angeles county come together to compete with pieces they’ve been practicing. The winner receives a trophy and possibly being able to enter a higher competition. Exceptional piano theory students are also able to enter a Convention to compete to the highest of levels.

Life Long Love for Music

If you choose to be a professional or keep piano as a hobby, in the end, you will have a lifelong skill and hobby that can be cherished. No one can deny the hard work and patience it takes to learn to play the piano. From memories of starting out, to memories of recitals and competitions. Piano is a never ending journey and you will always find something new to play and enjoy.

Darius Bucinskas

I started taking Arthur's lessons when I was 13 and at 18 I graduated the advanced level of piano theory. I begged my parents for lessons, and never regretted the day. My 3 favorite pieces that I played for competitions and exams are Scriabin Op. 8 No. 12, Moonlight 3rd Movement, and Liszt's Liebestraum. I highly recommend Arthur to anyone contemplating on taking piano lessons.

Darius Bucinskas / Student

Meet the Teacher

arout arthur mikaelian piano teacher

Arout Arthur Mikaelian

Professional Pianist & Teacher